Gimme that data!

ri technology

Now that we have a couple of Canon EOS 7d’s here at the bluedot studios, we’ve been researching what is the easiest and fastest way to transfer this data to the laptop so we can open the card back again for shooting.
We started with a Lexar FW800 CF Card reader like the one here. It’s quick! Fast enough that you can preview your footage and photos without downloading right away, which is quite nice. But, not enough bandwidth to run the video at full frame rate.

So I was plugging in my jack out to the stereo on my MacBook Pro, and realized… hey! This thing has a PCIe ExpressCard¬†slot! The PCIe is what our RAID system here runs 11tb into, and it’s a blazing method of thru-put, allowing editing of HD footage. ¬†I wonder if I can find a CF card reader for it the laptop?

Well low and behold, there is a company doing this with the outrageous speeds of 2.5Gbps rather than USB 2.0 speeds of 0.46Gbps. Here it is, the CFEXpress Pro.