Reviews of DSLR rigs

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redrock_dslr_rig_backThey’ve done a great job over at the Cinema 5d forums on a shootout on shoulder and tripod rigs for the DSLR filmmaker. These cameras are incredible, but ergonomic they are not! This review will help you find your way in this new world.

Seems that Redrock’s rig didn’t do too well on their review, in fact… before Redrock had them pull it, they had the brief opportunity to let us all know how poorly designed their rig was. I remember that it would sit on their follow focus, and the weight distribution was so far off it wouldn’t sit on your shoulder.

Statement by Brian Valente from Redrock Micro:
“For concerns too numerous to list here, Redrock has requested that our participation in the cinema5D rig review be removed. Redrock will provide an additional detailed statement at a later point. While we cannot support the methods and resulting conclusions of this isolated review, we continue to be supportive of the cinema5D community.”

It must have been a really bad review! I am really surprised that RedRock would take such a hard stance in a public forum where word travels fast. I have used quite a bit of RedRock stuff on our prior JVC HD100, such as their DOF adapter, follow focus, rail system & whips. I thought their workmanship good, albeit I did have to have them replace the FF gear before it was usable. I found the DOF adapter to be a major pain in the field, and shooting docs, it just wasn’t worth the effort. Now using DSLR’s, we have all the DOF we could ever want.

Personally, we’re using the “not ready for primetime” Zacuto knockoffs  Magic Spider is creating, and having great luck with them! Sorry Zacuto, but how can you expect independent film makers to afford your stuff?