“..a fascinating study in creativity; what creativity is, how it happens and what it means to exercise one’s own creative impulses”

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I LIVE FOR ARTI LIVE FOR ART  is a humorous, satirical and unique philosophical exploration of the creative process – its angst, its thrills, its purpose and its methods.

Bringing together three of our worlds most unique artists, a famous quantum physicist/philosopher, and a world renown story teller; I LIVE FOR ART explores this most vital aspect  – creativity straight from the trenches from which is arises.


Heroin Is The Most Dangerous Way To Increase Your Creativity

The thing about heroin is that you can’t say anything good about it—at least not in public. That’s what gangly ...

Meaning is Healthier than Happiness

For at least the last decade, the happiness craze has been building. In the last three months alone, over 1,000 ...
Steve Jobs

Creativity Lessons: Charles Dickens & Steve Jobs

by Anne Kreamer Creativity is the most essential skill for navigating an increasingly complex world — or so said 1,500 CEOs ...
Dark Side

Does Creativity Have a Dark Side?

One of the oldest debates in psychology concerns the relationship between creativity and mental illness. Although the popular stereotype of ...

Darkness Sparks Creativity?

How Dim Lighting Raises Self-Determination And Lowers Inhibitions If you've ever stared at the blinking cursor on a snow white ...
lady ga ga

Eccentricity is important for Creativity

Do great artists need to be geniuses like Mozart, composing symphonies from age five? Or troubled souls, like Vincent Van ...
Neurosis Creates Art

Neurotics shine in team settings

Give your anxious, negative colleagues a chance, and they just might surprise you. Two new studies have found that highly ...
Isaac Asimov On Creativity

Isaac Asimov On Creativity

How do people get new ideas? Presumably, the process of creativity, whatever it is, is essentially the same in all ...
Robin Williams

Bipolar disorder & the creative mind

The suicide death of Robin Williams has generated interest in the relationship between creativity and depression. No one knows the ...

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity

Many people claim they do their best thinking while walking. A new study finds that walking indeed boosts creative inspiration ...
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