I LIVE FOR ART is a humorous, satirical and unique philosophical exploration of the creative process – its angst, its thrills, its purpose and its methods.

Bringing together three of our worlds most unique artists, a famous quantum physicist/philosopher, and a world renown story teller; I LIVE FOR ART explores this most vital aspect; creativity straight from the trenches from which is arises.

Told in an original blend of character driven documentary fused with vital philosophical and mythical context, this film gives its viewers a visceral experience  from its existential loathing to ecstatic elation; from personal struggle to social victory.

While any person can be creative, it is the courageous, those willing to entertain uncertainty and are willing to struggle against their own innate feelings of inadequacy who accomplish their victory. To think a thought that they had previously never thought before.

Join three of our modern worlds most prolific and innovative creatives and Musicians, Brian McWhorter, Mark Applebaum  and Mark Gould as they leave the comfort of their respective disciplines, which have guided them to world fame and success and venture into the unknown. They shed their past traditions and previous solutions in order to push them selves farther than they have gone before. Their process, their stories of suffering, laughter, success and failures guide us to our own understanding of how we too can find the creative spark within.

Navigating the exploration is  – Amit Goswami (Theoretical Quantum Physicist / Philosopher) Michael Meade (Storyteller and Mythologist) and Elliot Rasenick (Producer and Artistic Events Creator)  bringing their insights and experience revealing the mystical, mythological and scientific processes behind how we coerce the discovery of the new from the depths of the unknown.

“Welcome to the wild world of edgy creativity…”Eugene Weekly