Love Capacitor

love capacitor

This song changed everything for us. Ri had been struggling with bringing in the electric guitar in the music. It wasn’t well received by the electronica purists – and sometimes …



Available on the wettwire album pluviograph


A fun musical collaboration with the talented MoMo (Morrah Cage) who’s poetry and vocals we based this song upon. This great footage is from the Beloved Festival, featuring Kellie Larson …

The Quantum Activist

Filmmakers Ri Stewart and Renee Slade tackle a weighty subject — quantum mechanics — in this thought-provoking documentary that centers on visionary scientist¬†Amit Goswami and his revolutionary theories about reality …

Sacred Chants Album

Bluedot provided mixing and mastering services and graphic arts for this album of sacred chants used as a fund raiser for the Gaden Shartse Monastic College.  

Prajnaji Sound Collective

Renee and Ri’s project, the prajnaji sound collective provides downtempo¬†ethno psybient grooves for the hundredth monkey. All compositions, music, artwork, mixing and mastering was completed by our studio. CD was …