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Our latest! Triphop west coast bass meets funk in Ebm. Samples? Hell no. Live musicians? Hell yeah!
E.Raymond Brown on Bass, Renee Slade on Flute, and Ri Stewart on Guitars. Enjoy!

A review by Enlightenment For Your Ears

If there’s one theme in what I cover here on this blog, and always strive to find in electronic music, it’s a human heartbeat. Electronic music is incredible in the infinite possibilities it allows, but no matter how cool or unique the sounds you create, if there’s no soul, your track is vapid, and indeed lifeless. This is decidedly not the case with Oregon Coast producers bluedot and their latest production, “Say It.” Perhaps I’m being unfair in ascribing a human touch to the organ’s lively reverberations, but maybe it’s in the denomination of the instrument itself, as it is organ-ic. Puns aside, these organ notes lay the foundation for the bloated bass, and subsequent glib, guitars. After all this is a triphop track, and smooth, billowing energy is essential to its easy feel and enjoyment. And personally I find “Say It” to be supremely serene and sonically satisfying, but maybe that’s just because I get a pinch of Pink Floyd feels with this “psybient” delivery. But back to the life-force this track exudes. One of two images come to my mind’s eye when I close my own: 1) a five piece band in the midst of a jam session, and 2) some kind of massive modular synth, wires everywhere, operating on its own as if alive. “Say It” is a bit of a trippy track, in that it can most certainly take you places, but it’s always a beautiful one, full of soul.


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Say It

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