Sunshine Distraction


Wetwire introducing new studio album: Sunshine Distraction
October 2020 – Wetwire is a distinctively diverse creative project featuring a passionate and artful trans couple. Their vision is to come up with catchy, yet understated and one-of-a-kind songs that set the bar higher by blending different production styles together in order to form a characterful aesthetic concept.
From the ambiance and depth of artists such as Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, down to the vast and soaring sonic landscapes of artists like Phaelah and OTT, anything goes. Their most recent studio album, “Sunshine Distraction,” features 8 tracks, which stretch outwards across time and space, offering a fully immersive experience. Most of the songs have an IDM core, but there is room for other influences, including chill-wave, ambient, as well as psychedelic music. What makes the album stand out is the contrast between crisp rhythm sections and atmospheric sounds, beautifully merging into one another to create a memorable listening experience fort the audience. From catchy parts, down to more cinematic moments, the possibilities are endless on this release.  The song “Out of Darkness” is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this release, with its extraordinary synth bass lines and new-wave type beat. There is also room for some electric guitar, bringing a more organic feel to this release. “Uncertain Future” is another stand-out moment, which combines industrial soundscapes with space-age melodies that feel diverse and spacious. These are only two of the most notable moments from the album, although each song offers a wide smorgasbord of true ear-candy moments to dive deeper into! The album has a really special approach to production, with a sound that feels clear and sophisticated, yet warm and organic, due to the addition of some warm saturation and other production ideas. In addition to the world-class production aesthetics, the album is also lifted up with the artist’s remarkable flautist, displaying a very dynamic playing style that brings energy and vibrancy to the table, seamlessly blurring the lines between different styles and ideas.

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