The Quantum Activist on PBS

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We’re so very excited to have our PBS network premiere at San Francisco’s KQED television!

This event sets a benchmark of our film making dreams. When we were hard at work on the Quantum Activist, our highest thought was the hope of it showing on PBS. And here we are!

This also shows on a much bigger picture the acceptance of alternative views of materialist science. ¬†That it’s the primacy of consciousness and not matter that creates our world.

edit: After KQED, the Quantum Activist was played on 22 PBS stations across the country this winter of 2012! 

KAET Phoenix
KBDI Denver
KCOS El Paso
KCSM San Francisco (San Mateo)
KENW Portales, NM
KERA Dallas
KETC St Louis
KPTS Wichita
KQED San Francisco
KQED+ San Francisco (San Jose)
KUAT Tucson
KVCR Los Angeles (San Bernardino)
WEIU Charleston, IL
WGBY Springfield, MA
WGVU Grand Rapids
WNIN Evansville, IN
WOUB Athens, OH
WPBA Atlanta
WPSU State College, PA
WQED Pittsburgh
WXEL W. Palm Beach