Nature Cinematography

Our focus is on creative inspiration.

Nature CinematographyCreativity is a way of life in our studio. Times change, interests change – but our focus is always on creatively spending our days.

Our award winning filmmaking enables bluedot to tackle projects ranging from full length documentaries to post production specialties. The many films in our portfolio proves our experience in producing media on a local, national and international level. Our film and music  is driven by our desire to educate and entertain, and sustained by our ability to improvise in the heat of the moment.

All stories are human stories. We enjoy telling these stories and helping others tell theirs. We thrive on creative challenges – and are not afraid to take on difficult, controversial or esoteric subject matter. 

Our proven expertise in filmmaking, graphic design and story-telling; our substantial experience in music and sound engineering, and the discernment to choose projects that celebrate living are the core qualities which make bluedot the ones to watch.

Our Craft

Film Production & Direction
Cinematography & Photography
Sound & Field Recording
Post Production
Sound Design & Mixing
Color Grading
Web Development
Graphic Design & Illustration

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Stumbled across your site, and got drawn into your work. REALLY good.
    Would be a pleasure to work on something together sometime, somehow. Even though I’m in Paris, and mostly have done pretty heavy duty docs! (see my site).
    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks for stopping by Paul! You’re working on some great projects with important subjects. The world has gotten smaller and smaller – I hope we can collaborate, as your filmmaking is compelling.

  3. I’m browsing through your website know and looking at the impressive work you guys are doing and i’m impressed. I have made a couple of documentaries on social issues around Khayelitsha they are on YouTube if you write Amazwi Wethu (Our Voice’s) you see some of my work but i was still in High School at the time. I’m now a film student but lets keep the communication going on for some future collaboration.

  4. Post

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