From Bahia with Love

In fly away beetle by ri

It was just another sunny day in Salvador da Bahia when I was contacted by some American folks who wanted to shoot a film on Capoeira. I couldn’t help thinking to myself: here we go again, another group of gringos wanting to film capoeiristas flipping up in the air, with the ocean on the background.

To my surprise, those guys were just as interested in learning about Capoeira as they were excited about capturing beautiful action shots. There was a genuine enthusiasm by the crew in hearing about the historical, social and cultural aspects of Capoeira which kept on stimulating me to get more and more involved with the project. It’s been five long years since I met Cosmos Corbin, Ben Garvey and Matt Lockhart, and now, with the help of Bluedot Productions, Fly Away Beetle (FAB) is finally ready for its first appearance.

Co-producing FAB has given me the opportunity to help express through film one aspect of Capoeira which has always touched my heart: its ability to change one’s life. For this reason, we have decided to do FAB’s World Premiere in association with spaces, organizations and events which are committed to exploring Capoeira’s potential for positive social and cultural transformation. As a capoeirista myself, I couldn’t be more excited to participate in events such as the Movement for Change Capoeira Conference, in London, and the Gingando para Cidadania, in Lisbon. Both conferences will bring together capoeiristas, intellectuals, artists and people from all kinds of backgrounds who will get together to exchange knowledge, discuss possibilities and, of course, play lots of Capoeira. I am really proud to be able to present FAB in those conferences.

Fly Away Beetle is one of those films that are able to nicely blend beautiful images, emotional moments and a powerful message.  Without a doubt, there will be capoeiristas flipping up in the air, with the ocean on the background. But be also ready to meet on the big screen some of my friends and heroes, and to hear their stories and how Capoeira have changed their lives. I hope to see you there!

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