Hult Center

US Premiere at the Eugene Celebration!

In fly away beetle by ri

We are proud to announce that the US Premiere of Fly Away Beetle will be happening in our ‘hometown’, Eugene Oregon as part of the Eugene Celebration!

The film will be screening for FREE at the beautiful Hult Center Center, and the entire filmmaking crew will be there to discuss the project with you. Don’t miss it!

US Premiere of Capoeira: Fly Away Beetle – Cosmos Corbin, Documentary. Three world-renowned Capoeira masters, along with rare old footage and modern exhibitions of Capoeira, tell the stories and the connections of the art form to slavery. African Candomble and magic are discovered as tales of the legendary Besouro (the flying Capoeirista) aquaint us with a mystical and enigmatic figure, as much legendary as historical, who mastered the arts of African magic.

Q&A with Filmmakers: Renee Slade, Producer; Cosmos Corbin, Director; Ri Stewart, Co-Director; Ben Garvey, Cinematographer; Brian McWhorter, Composer