Our focus is on creative inspiration.

Our award winning media, craft and creativity enables Bluedot to tackle projects ranging from feature length films to custom made musical instruments Рand everything in between that strikes our fancy.

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We chase the muse.


Music. Mixing. Composing. Sound design. Lutheiry..

Visual Arts

Producing. Directing. Cinematography. Photography.


Editing. Motion Graphics. Color Correction. Sound mixes. Deliveries.


Marketing Media. Web Development. Data Wrangling.

our latest.

We are a multi discipline design studio - producing media on a local, national and international level.

Our  creativity is driven by our desire to connect people, and sustained by an ability to improvise in the heat of the moment.

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producers. remixers. film. music

our feature films.

We’ve produced and directed award winning films with theatrical, television, cable as well as digital distribution in twelve countries. We’ve provided cinematography, editing, sound design and other post production services on many others.

  • Boulder International Film Festival

  • Oregon Independent Film Festival

  • Chile Digital International Film Festival

  • Heart of England Film Festival

  • PBS

  • Kanopy

  • iTunes

  • Netflix

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